Preguntas Frecuentes

1. You can’t see the video player. Either you block the video source or your country has blocked it.

Try using a proxy extension. If you use firefox/chrome, you can use “Hola” extension, or Zenmate.

2. Your getting access denied error on HS player, try using other browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

The page has been optimized for Google Chrome with a resolution of 1600×900

3. Why isn’t the hentai out yet! It’s been more than 3 day on the upcoming page!

The hentai is either delayed in Japan or no one has uploaded it online yet. This can sometimes take a week or more!!

4. Is there going to be another episode?

This we won’t know. Hentai release isn’t the same as anime.

5. Is the hentai going to be subbed?

Yes and No. If it’s new hentai then yes it will be subbed in around 3-10 day after the release of the hentai according to the upcoming hentai release page for each month. And No, if your talking about old hentai. You can report it and we’ll try to find them and have it up.
EXCEPTION: Some new hentai won’t ever get subbed because of legal reasons.

6. Can video be subtitled in two languages?

Of course, this site aims to the English and Spanish subtitles and RAW (for now).

7. How do i download the hentai video on this site?
All links are is their entries. If any fallen to comment it in the chat or contact me.

8. Why are the new hentai in such LQ(low quality)??

All videos are in HD.
9. Pop-up advertisements.
Would you work in a place without getting paid and having to pay for hosting and domain?

I could reduce advertising if people donate 1€/$ per person or did click on the banner.

10. Why is the hentai censored?
It’s the law in Japan. The only uncensored hentai are those that are licensed later on by a different country. So don’t expect uncensored hentai EVER! (If the video did not have censure, it would previously notified).